These studies and projects meet specific requirements for a number of agribusiness sectors, providing important information on fertilizer and raw material purchases, machinery potential sales, seed and agrochemical sales, grain transport and storage volumes, industry credit requirements, etc.

Within the work undertaken by Agroconsult, there are three main areas:

Market Analysis and Sizing

These projects describe and analyze operations in agricultural supply chain, sectors and agribusiness products, providing clients with support for decisions involving:
- Business diversification;
- Opening or closing units;
- Unit location;
- Commercial strategies;
- Supply strategies;
- New Products release;
- Marketing Plans;

- Commercial disputes and antitrust cases.

Investments and Asset Evaluation

Among the works carried out by Agroconsult in this area, stand out::
- Business plans;
- Evaluation of agricultural assets and agro industries;
- Risk assessments;

- Technical and economic feasibility studies;

Market Research

Agroconsult, alongside IPÊS Brasil, produces quantitative and qualitative market research.

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